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Report form the Chair — Brandy Gallagher

What an outstanding first 6 months for the new board of CSAG!!! With such incredible renewed energy and passionate Board of Directors … 2019 is closing out with excellent artful outcomes!

Having just completed CSAG’s bi-annual organizational report for the Cowichan Valley Regional District Arts and Culture Division manager Kirsten Schraedar we are happy to say that we are moving along to a whole next phase.  This year has been ambitious in design by CSAG’s Board and we are gaining ground quickly as we learn about what the needs and hopes are of our local South Cowichan community.  There is an outstanding number of every kind of artist within the South Cowichan — and we wish to meet as many of you as possible!  Partnership and collaboration is the most exciting potential within our mandate and the creativity within our Board has us open to all proposals which folks may wish to make…house concerts, bigger venue events, variety packs, workshops, etc.

With a wide number of projects having already having been successfully accomplished – and some new events/activities underway, we are moving into the creation of a 3 year plan.  Plans include more ukulele workshops, poetry nights, community art installations, and 2 large events per year. 

CSAG’s membership has grown very rapidly and we are excited to see what members want to co-create within our community. 

We look forward to seeing you in the new year for CSAG’s “Dark and Stormy Night …” event.